Friday, July 30, 2010


It's true, really. And what has been read cannot be unread.

It's an important fact.

Sure, you can trash a .jpg, close a website, delete a facebook post, remove a tweet, burn a book, or toss a comic, but once looked at that thing has irrevocably changed your life. It is forever seared into your brain (unless you are an alcoholic or amnesia/memory disease victim, or stupid).

You might think you have pushed it out of your memories, but its around.

Its always there...lurking in the dark, waiting for you to close your eyes, burned into your retinas like an after image from a photo flash.

Pushing it out is a joke. Covering it up can even be worse. What exactly does censorship accomplish? When I listen to the Nine Inch Nails song "CLOSER" on the radio (the few times I actually have listened to terrestrial radio by happenstance over the past decade), and they remove the
"F" word, I know he's saying FUCK by the context. What the fuck else would be be saying? I want to FLOAT you like an animal? I'm not an idiot, and I'm going to bet that even the lowest common denominator American that most shit that's pumped out there caters to knows what the fuck the song is talking about.

So what's the answer, when we have seen or read or heard something we don't like?

Examine it. Why don't you like it? How does it talk to you, personally? Understand it. An old associate of mine used to always turn the phrase "embrace the horror."

I think we need to do just that.

Problems don't just go away if you ignore them.
At the very least, you should understand what you don't like at least as much as you understand what you do.

As a society we call that knowledge, and that leads to power. Don't be ignorant and hide from what's out there.

So the next time you see something that affects you so much that you wish it was gone - even if it was something that you created, take a long look at yourself, and understand why. Once you do that, don't try to make it go away, just take yourself out of the equation. Don't try to destroy it so no one else can make their own opinions on it, what are you, Hitler? Just dust yourself off, untangle your limbs from the porcelain embrace, wipe off your chin and chalk it up to a learning experience.

That's the most important thing we can take away from anything in our lives, because once we stop learning, we might as well be dead.

Stepping down from the podium now.

-Drew G.