Friday, September 07, 2012


My cat Adrien is, well... fat. And gluttonous, and clumsy. I love him, dearly, probably more than I've ever loved any pet I've ever had (please forgive me, Lyric and Judas, may they rest in kitty peace). However... sometimes he goes too far. Last week, two days before Dragon*Con, he was sitting on my desk, a usual occurrence which I encourage (so much so that I've built two shelf areas around my "space" so that he can sit with me, and he uses them often).

So the particular night in question, I get up from my desk, after just putting down my slick, leather and metal case with built-in USB connector strap 640GB portable hard drive-- the one I have been storing all my SPACE:1999 work on for the past 5 months (ever since I moved to Brooklyn). You know, the one with all the data that I HAVE NEVER BACKED UP ON ANY OTHER DRIVE OR COMPUTER? THE ONE that was so full there were ONLY 29MB of space left in it? THE ONE with the ONLY COPIES OF THE FILES FOR ISSUE 3 and 4 OF SPACE:1999 CLASSICS?

Yeah, that one.

I get up, go to the fridge, open the fridge door. Adrien thinks that means he's getting some turkey, he scrambles to mewl at my feet and in the process... sends my sexy portable drive flying across the room.

I panic, I scramble, I plug it in. Visions of disaster dance frantically in my head. THE NEXT 2 ISSUES OF SPACE:1999 CLASSICS. ONLY COPIES.  ONLY LOCATION OF SCRIPT.

Click, click. Click, click.
 Nothing but clicks.

Nothing worked.

I bring it to the computer lab at the School of Visual Arts, where I work as a manager on weekends. My very talented friend and computer guru, Alex, did her best to get me up and running. Nothing. Data Rescue software.

Click, click. Click, click. Nothing.

Nothing, nothing.


I read some crackpot theories about freezing a hard drive (click here to learn what I learned...sorta) and decide to give it a shot. I double ziplock bag it, throw it in the freezer, and wait 6 hours instead of the at least 12 suggested (impatient). I plug it in again, using Alex's SATADOCK connector via firewire 800.

Click, click. Click, click.

Nothing, nothing.


Dragon*con looms, I throw it back in the freezer. I'll be back in a week, the damn thing ought to be cold by then!




Back at the school, pull the drive out of the freezer, reconnect it, click, click. click, click.

Click, click. Click, click.

Nothing, nothing.


Not someone who undertands when its time to give up, I bang it on the counter top.





The hardrive was running!

I plug it in, it mounts on the desktop! I run Dara rescue, and start pulling files! It will take 4,242 HOURS to ge them all! Impatient, I go into the folders with CLASSICS 3 and 4, and...

... I transfer them immediately to my desktop. FILES SAVED!

The fridge was my tormentor and the fridge was my savior.

Moral? If at first you don't succeed,